Sprint Course

Sprint Distances:


  • Swim: .4 miles at Venice Beach
  • Bike: 14.1 miles through Venice, the Fairfax District, and into Downtown L.A.
  • Run: 3.1 miles through Downtown and ending at LA Live


Athletes will swim an L-shaped course at Venice Beach. The course begins heading out perpendicular to the shore, due west for 150 meters before turning left to swim south for 190 meters. Competitors will then turn toward the shore for 50 meters before turning left to head north for 130 meters. The final leg of the course will be a 100-meter swim toward the shoreline.

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Out of the transition area, athletes will begin the bike course on Venice Blvd (switching to the other side of the road at Sepulveda) and travel for seven miles to Fairfax Ave. After riding up the Fairfax District, bikers will turn onto Olympic Blvd. just past the eighth mile for a scenic tour of Koreatown. Athletes will continue on this mix of residential and commercial areas along Olympic Blvd. for approximately six miles. At this point, sprint course athletes will turn right onto Figueroa and left onto 11th and into Transition 2.

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All athletes will head out of Transition 2 back onto 11th and take a left onto Grand Ave, heading north. This run through downtown will give athletes an up-close view of many of the soaring skyscrapers that make up the Los Angeles skyline. After running on Grand Ave. for just over one mile, all runners will turn left on 2nd street and make a loop on 2nd, then turn left again onto Grand Ave. Athletes will head back down Grand Ave. until 11th street, where they will turn right. Sprint course athletes will continue onto Chick Hearn Ct. to the finish line at L.A. Live!

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Location of Aid Stations

  • Transition 1 at the swim finish
  • Bike Course at Olympic under the 110 Overpass
  • Run course at Grand St. and 1st
  • Run course at Grand and 5th
  • Run course at Grand and 11th

Herbalife Hydrate and water will be served at each of the aid stations along the race course.


Mile Marks:

Run Course (5K)

  • Mile 1: Grand/7th St
  • Mile 2: Grand/3rd (after turnaround)
  • Mile 3: 11th in between Grand & Hope


Cycle Course (14.1M)

  • Mile 5: Venice and Hughes
  • Mile 10: Olympic Blvd in between Hudson & Rimpau
  • Mile 15: Olympic Blvd & Hoover (heading west for second loop)
  • Mile 20: Olympic Blvd & Meadowbrook (heading east toward finish)


Approximate Finish Times


  • Sprint Men: Under 2 hours
  • Sprint Women: 2 hours 10 minutes


Cut Off Times

The cutoff time is 12:00 pm. After that point, streets will be opened to vehicular traffic and timing services shut down. For many of you, this will be your first triathlon. To give you an idea, here are some average finishing times.

Average overall time would be under 2 hours

  • Swim: 15 minutes
  • Bike: 1:15
  • Run: 27 minutes

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