Registration Overview

Registration Policies

All athletes must agree to the following policy when registering:

  1. NO REFUNDS, DEFERRALS, ROLLOVERS OR BIB TRANSFERS, except for active duty military. No exceptions. 
  2. Fees listed do not include the Active Network processing fee, nor do they include a $15 1-day license fee for non-USAT Members. 
  3. Each participant MUST have a valid USAT license (or they purchase a $12 1-day license).


Registration FAQs

Can I change which event I want to compete in after I've registered?
Yes, if you register in the Sprint Distance (for example), and later change your mind and want to change to the Super Sprint, you can do that through the registration link. You should print off your confirmation email with all your confirmation information and numbers.  Please note there might be a price difference.  If it is higher, you will need to pay the difference.  If it is lower, please see the Registration Policies above.

When does registration for the event end?
Online registration closes at 5PM on Sept. 10th.

Is there a way to register after online registration closes?
Possibly.  There is late registration on Saturday, IF spots are still available. You can pay by cash or credit card.


Packet Pickup Policies

  1. Packet pickup is Saturday, September 10th from 10AM to 4PM at the Race Expo at Triathlon LAB.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Again, NO packet pickup on Sunday.
  3. You can have someone else pickup up your packet on Saturday.  Your representative must have the two waivers signed by you (see No. 5), your USAT card (or see No. 4) and a copy of your photo ID.
  4. If you are a USAT Member, please bring your card (or $15 for a 1-day membership).
  5. You must sign two waivers: one for USAT and one for Pacific Sports 
  6. We strongly encourage you to attend one of the many course talks during the day. You will learn about the SwimStream start process as well as get valuable tips for race day.

USAT Waiver
Pacific Sports Waiver 


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