Race Weekend Schedule

2016 Schedule

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH - TriathlonLAB Health & Fitness Expo from 10AM to 4PM 

Packet Pickup is MANDATORY on Saturday for ALL competitors except VIP registrants who have the option to pick up packets on Sunday morning at the beach. No other packets will be available Sunday morning.

You may have someone else pick up your packet Saturday if you are unable to get there. Your representative must bring a photocopy of your photo ID, your signed USAT or USATF waiver and your signed Pacific Sports waiver.  You can find all waivers on the following link on our website:

LA Triathlon Required Waivers

TriathlonLAB Fitness Expo/Packet Pickup location will be at Triathlon LAB. The Expo opens at 10AM and closes at 4PM. If there is space available (1,500 limit) you can register on site. All competitors MUST pick up your packet on Saturday unless you registered as a VIP.  Again, there is NO packet picket at the beach Sunday unless you registered as a VIP.  There is NO Sunday registration for anyone.

Course Talks
Course talks scheudule coming soon


(schedule subject to change)

5:30AM  Transition Opens
6:30       Transition closes
6:45       Start - festival opens
7:00      SuperSprint Race Start
7:10       Sprint Race Start
7:30       Olympic Race Start
9:30       5K start
11:00     Awards start- SuperSprint, Sprint, and then Olympic
12:00    Finish - festival closes


 Here's how it works:

  1. Participants will be allowed to self-determine at which time they begin the swim portion of HTLAT.  Those with the fastest anticipated swim time will be encouraged to start in the earliest grouping or stream. For the Olympic Distance, this would be below 22 minutes; for the Sprint it would be below 11 minutes.   
  2. The swim chute will be no different than our previous construction or other swim starts you've seen.  Volunteers will be holding a sign that has a specific time on it (similar to a run pace for a half or full marathon). Swimmers should line up in their appropriate anticipated time.  Note, just like a running event, we will not force someone in a specific time/pace.  It is on the honor system. This will allow some variability if friends, members of a triathlon club, co-workers from the same company, or family members want to swim together.  We want swimmers to have maximum comfort and relaxation when entering the ocean.
  3. Once a stream enters the start chute, swimmers will move toward the end of the chute, cross the timing mat and proceed directly into the water.  Similar to a funnel. Your time starts when you cross the SwimStream timing mat. We will have streams of approximately 100 swimmers each (e.g., 100 swimmers in the under-22-minute Olympic swim stream).  We will run streams of swimmers until we get 400 participants in the water. At this point, athletes will be allowed into the water as earlier streams of swimmers finish and come up onto the beach. Lifeguards and our swim coordinators will assist in controlling the flow of the swimmers (like turning off and on a spigot).
  4. Once the Olympic distance race is in the water, we will have a approximately 10 minute gap and then start the Sprint under-11 minute swimmers, and so on until all the competitors have left the beach. The Sprint will start once the Olympic swimmers are past the turn buoys heading south.
  5. We strongly encourage warm-ups prior to the swim start.  Those will be south of the swim course and at the participant's discretion.
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