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American Men Sweep Herbalife Triathlon L.A.
Women’s Podium is a United Nations - CZE, USA, NED

LOS ANGELES (Sept. 30) – The fourth time was the charm for American pro, 38-year-old Kevin Everett as he won the 14th annual Herbalife Triathlon Los Angeles Sunday in a time of 1:52:28. Everett, who said today’s bike performance was his secret weapon, came out of the water at Venice Beach more than a minute behind Americans William Jones and Dustin McLarty, but caught them 10 miles into the 24-mile bike segment, and maintained the lead during the 6.2 mile foot race through downtown L.A. Jones finished 2nd with a 1:53:58, and Sean Jefferson was 3rd with 1:54:46. McLarty was the men’s $500 swim preme winner with the fastest time of 19:01 for 0.9 miles.

“The bike was my weapon today,” said Everett. “And I’ve been working with a pedal coach to improve my efficiency and utilization of gears, and that’s been a big help. I was first into T-2 and I was running scared of the really strong college runners like Sean [Jefferson].” Jefferson’s 6.2 mile run time was 30:52 to Everett’s 32:59.

The women’s winner was Radka Vodickova from the Czech Republic with a 2:03:07, followed by American Heather Jackson, 2:04:12 and Yvonne van Vlerken from the Netherlands. Vodickova’s strength is the swim and she followed her race plan to get the biggest lead possible during that segment, and then hold off attacks from Jackson and van Vlerken on the bike and run courses.

“I was really worried about Heather [Jackson], and knew I needed to get the biggest lead possible in the swim, or she would run me down,” said Vodickova.  Jackson had the fastest bike and run times of the field with a 1:03:05 and 35:03 respectively. Vodickova clocked a 1:04:41 and 35:13 respectively; third fastest on the bike and second in the run.

Everett and Vodickova each earned $3,000 for their wins, and Vodickova added $500 as the women’s swim preme winner.

The Herbalife Triathlon Los Angeles had more than 2,700 professional, elite and recreational athletes who converged on Venice Beach for Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, and a bike-only course, and in downtown for a 5K run.

The new SwimStream start process proved highly efficient and competitors were getting on their bikes more than 50 minutes faster than previous L.A. Triathlons when traditional wave starts were used. This opened streets faster than ever with surface streets open into downtown by 10:30 AM. Competitors were expressing their enthusiasm for the new process at the finish line and later on HTLA’s Facebook page. “Loved the new swim start!” said Kristy Noel Messer in a Facebook post. “I hope this is a feature at more triathlons in the future. Super laid back!”

The new start process allowed competitors to enter the water in “pace” groups in a continuous stream through an access point, with their time starting when they cross a timing mat. This is significantly different than the old wave starts where competitors were grouped at the start by age, gender and/or weigh category. The SwimStream start is similar to the start of many marathons, where runners are positioned at the start by their anticipated pace-by-mile.

Pacific Sports is planning to use the SwimStream starts at selected triathlons that it produces where the venue, course and the size of field are conducive to the new technique.  The swim segment, including the start, is often the most concerning to new and even seasoned triathletes.  Pacific Sports’ goal is to innovate the start procedures of its events and influence the industry as a whole to be more forward-thinking in bringing a more accessible and comfortable point of entry for triathletes.

Competitors in the Herbalife Triathlon Los Angeles came from 21 states and 17 countries to compete in the event that is called one of the Best Destination Triathlons in the country.

Men Pros

  1. Kevin Everett (USA) 1:52:28
  2. William Jones (USA) 1:53:58
  3. Sean Jefferson (USA) 1:54:46
  4. Chris Foster (USA) 1:54:47
  5. Andrew Russell (CAN) 1:57:05
  6. Dustin McLarty (USA) 1:58:02
  7. Mauro Cavanha (BRA) 2:03:59
  8. Jim Lubinski (USA) 2:04:38
  9. Andy Wibowo (IND) 2:10:15


  1. Radka Vodickova (CZE) 2:03:07
  2. Heather Jackson (USA) 2:04:12
  3. Yvonne van Vlerken (NED) 2:06:35
  4. Julie Ertel (USA) 2:10:41
  5. Daria Pletikapa (CRO) 2:12:50

 Complete results are available by clicking here.


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