Herbalife Corporate Cup


The Herbalife Corporate Cup (HCC) is a new and improved element of the Herbalife Triathlon Los Angeles promoting teamwork and a healthy workforce. This opens an opportunity for colleagues to participate in a social atmosphere outside of the boardroom. Not only will the winning team cash in on a $10,000 donation to a charity of their choice, but they will also claim bragging rights with the coveted “Herbalife Corporate Cup”.


Herbalife's goals are to challenge companies to enter and aim to provide an opportunity for positive competition amongst corporations, as well as a chance to network within the business community. The HCC is an opportunity to build positive relationships among teammates and corporate components.


To be eligible to win the Corporate Cup for your office or company, you must register a team of at least three (3) people. You may have as many people on your team as you wish, but the Cup winner will be determined based on three (3) times added together: the top two (2) Sprint distance times within the Sprint distance team members and the best time within the Olympic distance team members. There are no male or female categories, you can compete with both men and women on your team and everything is on equal terms.


The company/team with the fastest 3 total times will receive the “Herbalife Corporate Cup”. This trophy will reside for a year at the winning team's offices. Each individual and relay team will also qualify to receive an award in their registered category.
The 1st Place Corporation will receive:
  • $10,000 donation to a charity of their choice
  • Herbalife Shake Mobile offered at your Company Headquarters


Along with other competitors you will receive a 100% heavyweight race logo t-shirt and Herbalife swag bag filled with sponsor gifts and giveaways. As you finish you will be handed an ice-cooled towel and beautiful finisher medallion. You will also receive Team Racking in the Transition Area.


  • One (1) person in your company will have to register under "Herbalife Corporate Team Captain - Create Your Team Here." The purpose of this step is to ensure your Team Name is in the database.  This does not register you, it only registers your company/team name.  You must go through the registration process as an individual, as described below.
  • After your team is registered (We suggest sending an email to your co-workers/potential teammates telling them your team name) all persons in your company who want to compete as an indivdual, but also as part of your HCC team entry, must register under "Herbalife Corporate Triathlon Cup Individual Olympic Entry" or "Individual Sprint Entry."
  • During everyone's registration process, they must select the "Team Name" that the original person made during step 1.
  • Click Here to register
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