Course Maps

Click any of the images below to view the course maps for each race section and distance. You will find detailed maps and distances for each event and the transition area.

Olympic Swim/Run
Sprint Swim/Run
SuperSprint Swim/Run
Bicycle Course
5K Run Course
Transition Start/Finish

Course Distances

Swim: 250 yds
Bike: 5.25 miles
Run: 1.4 miles

Swim: 700 yard
Bike: 10 miles
Run: 3.1 miles

Swim: 1500 yards
Bike: 19.5 miles
Run: 6.2 miles

Intersection / Lane Maps

Click any of the images below to view the lane explanations for the intersections of Via Riviera / Paseo De La Playa and Calle Mirarmar / Palos Verdes Blvd.

Via Riviera Intersection
Calle Miramar Instersection
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